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Chalkboard Travel Mat Set - Creative

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Use our Creative Travel Mat Set for a learning break before, during or after a meal.

This set has 2 blank mats offering 4 separate coloring surfaces for drawing, coloring, planning and playing games.  This is our original mat design.  The ultimate for creativity and learning for all ages.
Chalkboard coloring mats are a great educational coloring activity to use anywhere kids want to be. At the table, on the floor, even outside in the tree fort. Imagination Starters helps with color identification and building fine motor skills. Great gifts that also give an educational boost in a fun and creative way. 

Chalkboard Creative Travel Set includes:
Set of 2 double sided (blank); chalkboard placemats + 8 count chalk crayons
Size 9x12
Can also be used with our chalk markers
Cleans with a wet wipe or damp cloth
Made in China
MSRP $13.00
Min 6
Packaged in resealable pouch with full color care label and UPC and peggable sombrero hole.

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