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Clever Gifting Card - You Are Loved

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SKU: cc-064yl

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Clever Gifting Cards are perfect for your gift seeking customers.

Make someone's day worth remembering with our Clever Gifting "You Are Loved" Card that comes with 3 stems, one of each, dragonfly, butterfly and flower. Colors will vary per card.

Love is the greatest emotion and comes in so many form.  Share your love with copper art stems that never fade.  The "You Are Loved" card gives your customers the chance to give a great gift that is:

Handmade by artisans

Made in the USA
100% Copper & Stainless Steel
Can be used indoors or out
Perfect for plant, garden and art lovers
Under $20
Made in the USA

Each card is wholesale: $8 MSRP: $17
Also sold as part of an displayed assortment: cc-064dsp-24

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