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Pirates Travel Mat Set

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Our Pirate Travel Mat Set is great for a on the go coloring activity.

The first card features an adorable pirate monkey, barrel and cute pirate girl with an octopus friends.  The second card features a treasure chest, pirate parrot and cute pirate boy.  Each card is blank on the back for ultimate creativity.

This reusable, educational activity is designed to help with color identification and fine motor skill building. These are the perfect gift to take anywhere!  Restaurants, waiting rooms, sibling's sporting events all become a little more fun when our travel mats are there.

“Pirates Travel Mat Set" includes:

  • 2 - 9x12 chalkboard coloring cards
  • 4 pack of washable, dust-free chalk crayons
  • resealable pouch
  • Erase with a baby wipe or damp cloth

The mat and crayons are Made in China, but we print and assemble them in Michigan.  Can handle "kid" treatment.

The package has a full color care instruction & UPC code label.

MSRP $12.00
Min 6
Packaged in resealable bag with peggable sombrero hole



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