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Trace Erase Smart Start- NEW packaging

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Trace Erase Smart Start

Trace and Erase Smart Start - promotes small motor skill development, color identification and artistic expression.  Our clear tracing mat can be placed on top of our themed illustration sheets, a digital screen, comic or picture.  Then using our chalk crayons kids can trace their subject and when done pull the clear mat away with an awesome picture they drew.  And when ready the mat can be cleaned with a wet wipe or  damp cloth to be traced on again!   

Trace and Erase Smart Start is a complete kit that includes:

4 Smart Start designs
tracing sheet
size 8.5x11
8 pk crayon
Made in China
MSRP $11.00
Min 6
Packaged in full color resealable pouch with peggable sombrero hole

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